Woods' Western Measure Charts

Measuring for Woods' Western Show Apparel and Chaps

When measuring for your new Show Apparel, make sure you wear the same under garments that you will be showing in.
You do not need to measure in undergarments only.
When measuring for your Custom Chaps, make sure you are wearing the pants that you will be wearing under your chaps.

Video: Measuring for Woods' Western Chaps

Download and fill out the measure chart, and send it to us via email or fax.

Clothing Measure Chart

Woods' Western Show Apparel Measuring Chart

Chap Measure Chart

Woods' Western Chap Measuring Chart

Once we have reviewed your measurements, we will give you a call and send out any fabric or leather samples you may need.
Once all samples and measurements are approved, a 50% deposit will be charged.
Your order has not been placed until the 50% deposit is charged.
The remaining balance, plus shipping, will be charged once your show apparel and/or custom chaps is complete and shipped out to you.

If you have questions, please call, we will be happy to answer any questions about measuring.

Self - Measuring Policy
  • Once you submit your order, your custom clothes or chaps will be made to the measurements you specified.
  • If you have a fit problem once you receive your clothes, you have 30 days to send them in for alterations.
  • Alterations will be half price if the clothes are sent back within 30 days of the ship date.
  • Alterations will be done according to your directions and new measurements.
  • Woods' Western is not responsible for incorrect measurements taken by the customer.
  • All custom orders are non-returnable and non-refundable and store credit will not be issued for custom items.